6-13 years (systematic strength)

This age group is really about kids discovering and exploring movements with the focus on the outcome rather than form and technique. It is best to allow young players to experiment with movement and discover the best way to complete the tasks. Guided discovery from the coach/parent is providing verbal, visual and kinaesthetic examples for participants. This exploration allows young players to develop the necessary motor structures related to athletic abilities and strengths which sow the seeds for future sporting success.

There is no specific pattern to training session but rather an array of skills and movements. There is no specific program that will be effective for all youth athletes all the time so it is best that the coach/parent creates a number of varied and fun exercises that are athletically stimulating and vary the skills over the course of several sessions.

Once the child reaches adolescents (normally 12-14 years), they can progress to the 14 years+ Beginner program.

Below are examples of movements, as a session guideline I would suggest picking 5-8 exercises repeated 2-3 times each. The session shouldn't last any longer than 45 minutes.

1. Hip circuit

2. 1 leg floor reach

3. Inchworm

4. Crab walks

5. Bear crawls

6. Superman

7. Jumping jacks

8. Floor to 1 leg balance

9. Log rolls

10. Monster walks

11. 2 footed forward jump

12. Opposite leg swing

13. 1 leg bridge

14. 180 jump

15. Quick steps

16. Lateral jump