How Cody Went From Missing Out On Selection To Playing Hockey In Germany

Most people give up when they're faced with rejection, disappointment or missing out on selection, choosing to believe that they’re not good enough.

But instead of giving up his dreams, missing out on selection only made Cody want it more but he knew he needed some help and guidance to break through to the next level.

Since we've worked together he's improved his confidence and fitness which allowed his skills to shine through more often. As a result it's given him exposure and the opportunity  to play at a top club in Europe.

He agreed to share his journey in an interview with the hope of inspiring others and showing what is possible when you have the right tools and guidance:

In the video interview below Cody reveals how he:

✅ Overcame his nerves and self doubt

✅ Became more consistent in training & games

✅ Built confidence in himself to compete against players in Germany

✅ Used his biggest setback of missing out to his advantage

✅ Became more positive, motivated and focussed

✅ Transformed his game with essential skills most players aren’t taught


Your Setbacks Can Become Your Biggest Breakthroughs

Just because you don't achieve your goals straight away it doesn't mean you're not good enough, maybe you just need the right tools to get there.

Setbacks are inevitable and are vital for growth and development. Sometimes you just need to see things through a fresh set of eyes. That's where I can help you.

If you've been frustrated, disappointed or you would like some help taking your game to a higher level, request a FREE Breakthrough Session below

Don't wait for a HUGE disappointment to do something, take action today...

This is suitable for players 12-60+ years old that are serious about improving their hockey (it doesn't matter what level you're currently playing at).