Take a Look Inside The HPA

Get a sneak peak behind the scenes of our program that helps hockey players worldwide to transform their game and get noticed to play hockey at a higher level


Follow a proven system to build bulletproof confidence, lighting quick speed & sharp decision making so that you perform consistently and get selected into higher teams

If you want to start thinking and playing like a champion, supercharge your physical presence and become the consistent player that every player aspires to be like, then keep reading...

In our Mentorship Program we take you through how to:

✅ Be more confident and believe in yourself

✅ Stop overthinking and dwelling on your mistakes

✅ Manage emotions and perform under pressure so you play well at trials

✅ Get fitter, faster and more agile for hockey

✅ Manage your body and reduce your risk of injury

✅ Fuel your body for optimum energy

✅ Improve vision for better decision making

✅ Master your skills with feedback on your technique

Even better, we will COACH you through to make things easier than doing it on your own.

Let's get you playing the best hockey of your life!

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