The Affordable Solution For Staying Motivated, Focussed & To Put What You've Learn't Into Action With Ongoing Accountability

A group monthly mastermind for hockey members to ensure ongoing growth and development

With This Mastermind You Will Get...

  • Monthly Group Webinar

    The key to success is consistently taking action and accountability. This monthly catch up will help you to stay motivated, focussed and to make sure you are taking action. Lauren will check up on your progress throughout the year and answer any questions you have as you continue to put into practice what you’ve learn’t

  • Interact with players worldwide

    Sometimes we don’t know what questions to ask so by joining in with like minded individuals you can learn, interact and network with players all over the world. We can always learn something from every single person so let’s get connected.

  • Stay Up To Date


    As we know things can change all the time so this is a great way to stay up to date with the latest happenings in the world of hockey. If you have any specific requests or want a video on something just ask me and I will upload it into a special mastermind login area. I may even surprise you with a monthly challenge