Module 6 - Set Your Foundation of Strength

5.1. Strength

Intro to Strength

5.2 - Power

Intro to Power

Landing mechanics for plyometrics (jumping)

Before you begin training please note that these are progressive programs intended for a wide range of individuals with varying abilities, so it is best to start with the basic exercises (without weight) if you are a beginner to strength training. I strongly advise that you have supervision or seek guidance from a professional and to get physical clearance from a medical doctor just as any sports program requires.


Some women have a fear of bulking up or putting too much muscle on when doing weights- I can tell you now that it is really very hard for women to put on muscle due to the nature of the female hormonal make-up. Men possess about 10x more testosterone, which is the muscle building hormone (after the age of 12) than women and is natural for them to have more muscles than women, so females shouldn't have any concern with becoming bulky when doing weights, I promise! I have trained with weights since 2005 with very heavy weights and I have never looked like a bodybuilder (and neither will you unless you are training 7 hours a day and on some form of drugs). The benefit of doing strength training will help you massively in your game, but always make sure you use the correct technique by following the guidelines or getting supervision.

Video exercise demo's and sample programs