How Would You Like A Proven "Step-By-Step Fitness Blueprint For Hockey Players" Designed To Get You Fitter, Stronger & Faster On The Hockey Field, While Also Reducing Your Risk of Injury?

Physically dominate on the field and be a step ahead using a proven training system for hockey players


Field Hockey has become a fast and powerful game, so if you want to keep up, be a step ahead of others and make the most of your potential then you have to be working on your hockey fitness, which includes much more than just endurance training or running. You need to maximise all the physical aspects of becoming a dominant hockey player such as strength, power, speed, agility, etc. Hockey is an explosive sport that requires maximum effort and players are producing more powerful shots, overheads and dragflicks so if you are not training this then you will be left behind others.

You don’t want to be one of those players who gets tired before 70 minutes and you let your team down because you make a mistake from fatigue, do you?

The Problem With Most Players & Coaches

The problem until now has been that most hockey coaches and players are not trained or don't understand the physical demands and scientific background of program design for optimum fitness in hockey. Fitness for different sports are so specific and should not be guessed or you could create problems for yourself, such as muscular imbalances which lead to injury. So many players are doing the wrong kind of fitness which is not suitable for hockey players, such as jogs and long runs like 5km's for example. There is so much more to hockey fitness than this and in fact, so many players are wasting their time doing the wrong things that are not the getting you the results that you want and deserve. Often the kind of training that most people do cause more harm than good.

But, I am here to help you and teach you exactly what you need to be doing to make the most of your time and get the maximum results for reaching ultimate fitness level and achieving your hockey goals.

The Essential Fitness Factors

These are essential physical aspects that you must pay attention to as a field hockey player if you want to maximise your physical presence on the field and reach your potential:

  • Mobility & Flexibility
  • Endurance
  • Strength
  • Core Stability
  • Power / Explosiveness
  • Speed / Acceleration
  • Agility & Footwork
  • Reaction & Quickness
  • Speed & Power endurance
  • Recovery
  • Injury Prevention
  • Nutrition

Now, you can't work on all of these factors at once so with this training program, I provide you with an exact blueprint of exactly what you need to do over a 12 month period and what to focus on at various times of the season. Trust me, I made a lot of mistakes in my own training which often left me on the sideline, injured - I want to help you avoid that!

Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me

My name is Lauren Penn, I am an ex-International Hockey Player, Performance Coach and Mentor. I’m one of very few people that have reached the top level in hockey as well as being a Sport's Performance Coach specialising in the mental and physical parts of the game.

I have also helped many hockey players of all levels by teaching them how to be both mentally and physically tougherThese are two of the most important aspects that separate the good from the great players.

Trust me when I say that I know this from my own experience, both playing but also from helping others too.

That’s why I have been featured in top magazines and newspapers

Even though I don’t like to really blow my own horn because I let my result speak for me, I just thought I needed to introduce myself properly to you.

See what some other Hockey players who I have worked with have To Say About Me And How I Help Them

"Since doing this program my fitness AND speed has become my stand out skills and the main reason I got selected"

"Having struggled with my fitness for years, I am blown away by how you have helped me to drastically improve my hockey fitness"

"I have realised all the mistakes I was making in my training and there are so many things that I never realised before which have now helped me so much"

"My fitness levels are unrecognisable to what they were before, I am fitter than I have ever been, thank you!"

"I love how you structure the training and provide progressions for various levels because as I have improved, I have moved onto the harder variations. Everything now feels so much easier"

As a qualified Sports Mental Game Coach including NLP, Psychology & Life Coaching as well as being a Fitness Expert with over 10 years experience, I specialise in helping hockey players to be mentally tougher, physically stronger, faster, more explosive and more agile.

It is a combination of my knowledge and experience that really makes people want to work with me.

But, that’s enough about me showing you how much I have succeeded as this game we both love so much, or how much I have helped other hockey players get their game to the next level!

Why I Am So Sure That It Will Take Less Than A Few Weeks To Start Noticing Improvements In Your Fitness, Speed, Agility & Power?

I’m very sure it will take you less than a few weeks to start noticing a massively positive change in your fitness, power, speed and agility, so that you can become the player that you are dreamig of because this is not some experimental training program, far from that

This training program I have put together for you has been tested and come directly from my experience of playing and working with hockey players and helping them take their game to the next level

 Here is just some feedback from past members who have been through the course.

I really enjoyed the program. Not only did it help me in fitness and speed, it helped me in aspects I had never even thought of. I also learn't the best ways to set out the different phases in strength and speed training

Tiffany, Australia

The fitness videos were so helpful in understanding the correct style of fitness to be doing in order to reach maximum potential in hockey, I learnt the correct techniques for strength and resistance, and speed and agility training.

Ashley, Australia

I have learnt the particular phases of training in terms of strength and hockey training throughout the season and what intensity and frequency. I think the biggest improvement I've seen has been in my fitness and co-ordination on the pitch

Salman, England

Here Is How I Plan To Help You Too

Introducing The Hockey Performance Academy's...

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Below Is What You Will Get Inside the Fit For Hockey Package

Hockey Performance Academy was put together with you in mind so has to be the very solution you have been searching for to take your game to the next level.

The Fit For Hockey Package consists of 6 weeks of in-depth training that will take you from where you are now to the point you want to be in with your hockey fitness.

The point where by you become the go to player in your team and the caliber of player every coach dream to have on their team

Are you wondering why I am so sure of this?

That’s because this same training I have put together inside Hockey Performance Academy is what I have continually used to help hockey players around the world that got me recognized by Top Magazines and Newspapers just like you saw above.

Here is what you can expect to learn in the program:

Module 1 - Assess to Progress

One of the most fundamental and essential parts of a fitness program is what you do before you start training - Assess!

In this module we cover how to assess to progress not only to track your improvements but also to keep you motivated and make sure it's working.

You will also learn effective mobility and activation exercises and the ideal warmup and cool down routine which is best for optimum performance.

Module 2 - Improve Endurance

Hockey players have to be fit to cover a lot of ground and be able to last 60 minutes but what kind of fitness is best?

Too many coaches advise players that they should be doing long distance running like 5kms to get fitter but research has shown that this is not only unproductive but also increases the risk of injury.

In this module we will also explain the various forms of conditioning to get fitter for hockey and provide an overview of a pre-season program.

Module 3 - Building Strength

What makes one player stronger on the ball or able to hit the ball harder than others? Why do some players get knocked off the ball easier than others?

This is often down to strength, which is an important part of hockey. Strength is the foundation of speed and power and is a vital aspect in hockey not only in improving performance but also reducing your risk of injury.

This module also includes phase two of our comprehensive done-for-you 16 week training program.

Module 4 - Explosive Power

What makes a player get to the ball first or dominate physically on the field? And why can some players dragflick harder than others? Power.

Power is very important in hockey as it gives you the explosiveness you need, but often people forget that you can't have power without strength.

This module includes phase 3 of our comprehensive done-for-you 16 week training program and will help you to win more ball improve first step quickness and shoot or dragflick with more power.

Module 5 - Speed & Agility

Who doesn't want to be faster and more agile? It is one of, if not THE most dangerous skill in sport because no one can tackle you if you have run past them or already gained a 5 yard advantage over your opponent.

Hockey is about not just being fast but also being able to decelerate or change direction efficiently (i.e. agility).

This module teaches you the essentials of not only being faster (acceleration) but also the technique of how to change direction (deceleration) and reacting to turnovers quicker.

Module 6 - Rest, Recovery & Injury Prevention

We all know that hockey is a dangerous game but that is why a lot of us love it, because it's exciting. However you must take pre-cautionary measure to prevent injuries as much as you can.

It is essential that you spend enough time ensuring that you recover properly and look after your body in the right ways or it may affect your later on.

In this module we share with you some strategies in both preventing and treating injuries as well as releasing tight muscles. 

With my years of experience training hockey players, I have been able to pinpoint an exact fitness program that helps hockey players get the fitness that they require to blow pass their team mate.

Imagine this for a second!

In just few weeks from now, you finally

  • Maximise your speed to beat players every time
  • Improve acceleration & explosivity to always get to the ball first
  • Build strength so that you don't get knocked off the ball easily
  • Develop more power in your shots, slaps, overheads, dragflicks
  • Improve footwork to react and change direction quicker
  • Last longer in games with less fatigue
  • Look after your body and reduce your risk of injury

Here's A Short Video with Clips (without the progressions or explanations)

Why You Need To Take Action Immediately And Get Access To Hockey Performance Academy Fast

This program includes over 6 hours of training (this would normally cost over $600), but now you can get this for a fraction of the price of what it would cost to train with directly.

In fact I'm giving it to you for less than what I charge for just ONE session.

Now you too can get the same Fit for Hockey blueprint that I use to help others, which is designed to take you from where you are to the fittest you have ever been.

But, I can only take on a limited amount of players at a time as I need to ensure that the server can handle that amount of students at one time  plus I need to be able to support those with any questions. 

That is why I will only be accepting just 50 players into the academy, who really want to become the type of player that they wish to become. Once I have 50 people in the academy, I will be shutting the door and I am not sure exactly when I will open it again.

Then the next batch will have to pay the original price of $297.

But you can take action now and secure a spot in Hockey Performance Academy today while it's still available...

Take the guesswork out of your hockey fitness



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Before I forget, Here Is My 30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Because I am so sure that the training inside Hockey Performance Academy will not only take your game to the level, but also make you a stronger, faster and more powerful player, I am letting you have full access to Hockey Performance Academy for a whole 30 days, use the training modules and see how improved your games are.

If within this 30 days you feel like you don’t want to become a better player anymore, or you just plainly gets tired of playing hockey any longer, simply send me a mail and I will refund everything you paid to gain access to Hockey Performance Academy.

In case You Are Still Wondering If Hockey Performance Academy is for You?

Here Are Some Testimonials Of Players That Have Been Through The Hockey Performance Academy 

Jordan Homann

The Hockey Performance Academy has helped me hugely over the past few months. Not only has it improved me mentally but it has helped my fitness levels. It is very difficult to get the right kind of fitness, your modules for fitness are great because you know that they are hockey specific.

It was so inspiring to learn from an international player who has been there and done it. Overall I thought it was a very good program and has improved my game massively and I would recommend this to anyone looking to improve their game.

Jordan Homann 14 years old, England
Ellie Rayer

I have found the Hockey Performance Academy training has been massively helpful! All the modules involving conditioning, the speed & agility and strength & power have been very informative – all the information has provided me with some fantastic drills and exercises which I can take forward alongside the support I receive through England training camps! This is the answer for anyone who wants to improve their game and take it to the next level!

Ellie Rayer England u18 Team


How do I get started? 

Click on the Add to cart button where you will be required to make the payment. Once you have made the payment, you will be emailed directions on how to get started to access the member's area.

How long will I be able to access the online video training?

You will have access to the video training for life, you can re-visit and access the video training at anytime which you can use as an ongoing resource throughout every season.

What equipment do I need?

We have advised different variations for different pieces of equipment. You can either just use bodyweight or in some instances we recommend that you use either one of these: resistance bands, a stability ball, a medicine ball, a kettlebell or two, weights (barbell or dumbbells) or a suspension trainer. It is a personal choice and most exercises can be adapted to whatever you have available, even if it is just bodyweight.

Who is the program for?

The program has been designed for any level of hockey player over the age of 12 years old, up to 60+ years. If you are a beginner then you should start with the beginner variations. For the more advanced hockey players with more experience there are advanced training methods and progressions for each of the phases.

Picture This For A Moment

In a few weeks from now; You finally take your game to the next level, finally become someone your friends and family are proud of, you finally become the toast of every coach, and exude confidence like never before because you secure your access to Hockey Performance Academy Fit For Hockey Programme.

The Big Question now is; will you be part of the few people that I will grant access to Hockey Performance Academy at the discounted price of $99?

To Your Taking Your Hockey To The Next Level


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