Module 12 - Hockey Skills Video Library

Make sure that you scroll right down to the bottom of this module for a library of skills videos. If you are using an ipad or tablet and cannot see the videos, then it may be best to use a computer for this module.

Some skills in action

Practice drills

You can use the speed drills covered in module 7 but this time add stick and ball focussing on:

  • Dribbling
  • Good vision (looking up)
  • Use skills (lifts & dummies)
  • Add deception
  • Change of pace
  • Good footwork

Here are some of the speed drills just to remind you:

Here are a few more idea's for drills. You can use your imagination and make it as game like as possible.

W drill (45 degree turns using change of pace)

Using the same cones, this time follow from A-E adding a deceptive body movement or lift before changing direction

Lifts over cones moving forwards or sideways (or try other elimination skills)

Shooting drill (running to base line each hit; focus on footwork)

Pitch drills using elimination, footwork & change of pace



  • Download and complete the skills self-assessment document
  • Make a note of the 5 skills you use most in games & rate your current ability of each out of 10
  • Watch the video's, make a note of any observations and the important principles of those 5 skills
  • Choose a skill or drill that you want to improve and focus on this week (i.e. reverse hit, first touch, etc)
  • Practice that skill a total of 100 times this week & count how many times you perform that skill well out of 100. (Repeat again next week, trying to improve your overall % out of 100).
  • Submit a video of yourself to me demonstrating at least one skill (or 2-5 mins of game footage)
  • Re-assess yourself with the fitness assessments in module 5
  • Watch the “observation video” below and write down your thoughts and the times on the video for:

a. 3 things or skills that you think are done really well and that apply to your game (relative to your position) b. 3 things that could have been done better and how

  • Spend 10-15 mins this week visualising yourself doing 3 different skills really well
  • Complete the feedback & reflection form below

Observation video (part of action points)

Feedback & reflection form

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Other video's which you may find useful

Receiving skills

3D Skills

Reverse stick hitting





Throwing an Overhead with Blackstick Shea McAleese

Reverse passing



Leading & Goal scoring

Short Corner skills


Pushing out


Alex Jones breaks down the components of drag flicking (Part 1)


Alex Jones breaks down the components of drag flicking (Part 2)

DRAG FLICKING by Austin Smith (International Player)