Module 5 - Phase 1 Fitness (Endurance)

Module 5.1. - Assess to Progress

Before we can start any specific fitness training we need to assess where you are and we can then also use the assessment to measure your progress over time. Here are some tests you can do to test the various elements of your game including: endurance, speed, agility, strength, power, core strength and flexibility (& mobility).

I would suggest re-testing again after 6 weeks and then again after 12 weeks, depending on your training schedule.

Watch the video below to see the demonstrations for each assessment.

  • Assessment 1 - The overhead squat (assess mobility/movement)
  • Assessment 2 - Broad jump (assess power; measure distance)
  • Assessment 3 - Max pushups (upper body strength endurance)
  • Assessment 4 - Wall sit (lower body strength endurance; max time)
  • Assessment 5 - Plank (assess core stability, max time)
  • Assessment 6 - Side plank (rotational core strength, max time)
  • Assessment 7 -30m sprint for time (speed; measure time)
  • Assessment 8 - T run for time (agility; measure time)
  • Assessment 9 - Sprint repeat (5m-10m-15m shuttle for time) x 3 with 30 secs rest between (speed endurance/recovery)
  • Assessment 10 - Suicide or 1 km run (endurance), base line to 25 & back, 50 & back, 75 & back, 100 & back (record time)

5.2 Mobility and activation exercises:

These movements are really useful in activating your muscles and improving your mobility which will help later on when you start speed training so please practice them and get into a routine of doing them, especially before exercise any training sessions (i.e. strength/fitness sessions) but they are also very useful before games.

An effective Glute activation exercise to do before you start (using bands)

I would recommend doing this glute activation exercise before you start any fitness, training or games to get the big muscle groups firing for more explosiveness and to reduce your risk and injury.

Module 5.3 - Warm up and dynamic exercises

The purpose of a warm up is to prepare the body and the mind for exercise. It is very important that you get your body and mind ready in order to get the most out of sessions (whether it is a gym or hockey session). If you don't warm up your performance could be limited by stiff movement affecting speed & power and not getting as much out of training/games. To make sure that you warm up correctly, we have included an example of an ideal warm up which includes mobility (above) followed by dynamic stretches.

Start with a light movement (i.e. striding out, jumping jacks, skipping) at about 50% effort or instead you could also foam roll for 5 minutes (covered in  module 8- recovery). Spend a further 5-10 minutes on mobility, activation and dynamic movements such as those that are demonstrated in the video below.

Then before training sessions & games move onto:

  • Lateral running (i.e. sideways)
  • Light zigzags runs with a change of direction (not in a straight line)
  • Build up the intensity in short distance sprints (i.e. 5m-20m), gradually increasing the speed, for example the first sprint might be at 60% effort, the second at 70%, third at 80% and final one at 90%.
  • Start by facing forwards then start the movement standing side-on and then facing backwards.
  • Incorporate backwards running to forward turns, forwards then turn, changing of direction, etc

This makes for a great warmup mentally and physically and preparing you before training/fitness sessions and games.

5.4 - Warm down stretches

Static stretching is an essential part of exercise and should always be done AFTER exercising, not necessarily before. The beginning of a workout or training session should be more dynamic or mobility movements to get the body and the major joints prepared for exercise. After exercise you should do more static type of stretches. You should hold each stretch for 20-30 secs, making sure you stretch both sides. Here are a few of the most important stretches that you should be doing:

You can also do foam rolling before or after exercise and is a great way to release muscle tension. Foam rolling will be covered in the recovery module.

Module 5.5 - Endurance

5.6 - Pre-Season Preparation Breakdown:

(start ideally 16 weeks before season starts):

Phase 1 of 4 - Strength Endurance Circuit



    Download and complete the week 5 action steps using this worksheet. You can either save the document onto your computer then type in your answers or print it out and write your answers in.


    Here is an example of a pre-season plan using a few different examples in the module.

Individual documents (just in case)


  • Cardio Exercises Examples
    Cardio Exercises Examples

    Please review and download some examples of cardio intervals that you can use for aerobic, anaerobic training and speed endurance. Please pay close attention the the guidelines.

  • 12 Month Season Plan (With Phases)
    12 Month Season Plan (With Phases)

    Please download the 12 month training plan for the various phases throughout the year. This can be used as a guide and may vary slightly according to your schedule. There are two versions, one for UK/Europe (northern hemisphere) and the other for Aus/NZ/RSA seasons (southern hemisphere countries).

  • High Intensity Bodyweight Circuits
    High Intensity Bodyweight Circuits

    A few samples of bodyweight circuits which combine sprinting with strength endurance which can be used late pre-season and in-season once have followed the progress above.

Action Steps this week:


  • Download and complete PAR-Q questionnaire and send it back to me (signed)
  • Video record assessment 1, 2, 4, 5, 8, 10  and send to me for movement analysis
  • Complete all fitness assessments, record in your journal and email completed assessment sheet to me (record again in 6-12 weeks)
  • Practice the warm up dynamic movements and the mobility/activation exercises to make sure you understand them all (note how you feel afterwards)
  • Download cardio sample plan and review it (make a note of any questions)
  • Download & review the 12 month sample plan (phases) and make sure you understand it
  • Always plan and write down when you are going to do which of the aerobic and/or anaerobic sessions  (be specific)
  • Complete at least one of the cardio fitness sessions this week of your choice (record times or and/or distance)
  • Go through the phase 1 strength endurance circuit (optional: send short video of each exercise to me to check technique)