Video 1 - Knowing vs Coaching

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  • Great video’s TX

  • Annmarie

    Reply Reply 30/09/2015


  • Hilary Andrews

    Reply Reply 30/09/2015

    A great start, you have really caught my interest and I’m looking forward to the next video.
    I coach minis (under 10s) at my local club and I’m always looking for ways to engage them better.

  • Kowsar Ali

    Reply Reply 30/09/2015

    Its a great Video for Hockey Coaching.

  • Lynn

    Reply Reply 30/09/2015

    I coach at the High School (Varsity) and Club level. I can not wait for the next video – I know that I can coach the technical and tactical portion of the game, but I would love to know more about how to deal with athletes who are frustrated, who have performance anxiety, etc. I truly believe that this will help me to become not only a better coach but a better person.

    • Lauren Penny

      Reply Reply 02/10/2015

      Hi Lynn, thanks for the comment. I think the first step as a coach is acknowledging that and I believe that you will grow massively as a result. Well done, I look forward to hearing your journey!

  • Kaydy-Moana Jones

    Reply Reply 02/10/2015

    Tena koe Lauren!
    This has got me hyped and re-enthused for my coaching. I absolutely love your message and i am so keen to keep learning and improving.
    Thank you so much for this resource and I am excited to see what else is to come.

    ps I am from Aotearoa, New Zealand

    Ma te wa,

    • Lauren Penny

      Reply Reply 02/10/2015

      Hi Kaydy-Moana,

      That’s excellent and really great to hear, thanks for the comment I appreciate it. Make sure you stay tuned as there is lots more to come πŸ™‚


  • Julie Hart

    Reply Reply 02/10/2015

    You’ve got my attention. Looking forward to the next video!

  • Great video and stuff. Also very usefull in daily life

  • Bruce Howlett

    Reply Reply 04/10/2015

    Lauren, I coach u13 and u15 boys at school and rep level. My daughter Toni is one of your pupils. I’m really looking forward to the next video

  • Sue

    Reply Reply 04/10/2015

    I coach cricket – from U9 to U14 girls and women. I hope to learn some tips from this.
    It sounds great so far ?

  • faisal

    Reply Reply 04/10/2015

    Hai Lauren,

    I just take over our Malaysian Junior Prodigy Hockey Academy This Year.

    Might need your guide video and itps for every tactical on hockey field.

    Thank you


    Faisal Vik5portz

    • Lauren Penny

      Reply Reply 04/10/2015

      Hi Faisal, thanks for your comment. Please understand that this is not about tactical strategies in sport but it is rather aimed at helping coaches to get more out of their players, which is also applicable at higher levels. My aim is to give coaches the tools and training to improve players mindset, particularly improving motivation, confidence, focus, handling pressure, consistency, etc. I will be sharing more info in the videos to follow to stay tuned to learn more about this.

  • Andrew A

    Reply Reply 05/10/2015

    A great perspective, look forward to learning much more.


  • Greta Ambrose-Evans

    Reply Reply 05/10/2015

    Excellent information. I want more! I coach 9-14 year olds and high school.

  • Martin Keane

    Reply Reply 06/10/2015

    Thanks Lauren very helpful, im coaching our ladies 1st team.

  • Gavin F Muray

    Reply Reply 08/10/2015

    I’ve been procrastinating a bit with this video (video 1) for reasons, which is a story for another day. Then video 2 arrived…(still put it off till later). Then video 3 arrived and I thought, “well I might as well look at it. This has got me hyped and re-enthused for coaching. I coach all age groups. from grade 1 up till club level. Chat later. I have 2 more videos to watch before next one arrives.

  • Alex Fletcher

    Reply Reply 09/10/2015

    Important message was about how important it is to always keep learning as a coach – and to broaden scope of knowledge.

  • Rob Alty

    Reply Reply 10/10/2015

    Hi Lauren, it is great that you are sharing experiences as you have in this video. I am 34 and have been coaching at club level for 4 years now with Leyland and Chorley HC. I agree with the content of your video in the main but there are two points you could explore further. The first is respect the coach… how do you get a player to do what you want them to do in their time. I have found (as ladies head coach) that words come and go. Some players take on board what you some don’t. the players that can see you are working tirelessly and usually giving up your time for free will generally listen and do more than just walking in a new session and barking instructions. There is a process of understanding required and men think completely different to women and some women think differently to other women. I like being questioned as a coach because that is my players engaging in my sessions that I have strategically set up due to something I want or something I’ve seen. The second point is that a good coach knows what to do but a great coach doesn’t stop there. You touched on this and it’s really important to find the fine balance of confidence for your audience to see and then continuous improvement. Of a coach is close minded he/she will never go far. Reflection and adaptation are two key parts of my coaching and it is with this that is helping me to improve. I had set myself a 5 year plan for coaching. I am still on target and part of that is a sports coaching degree… more to learn which means more to give. Thanks for the video and can’t wait for the next. Coach Rob

  • Lorraine

    Reply Reply 11/10/2015

    Hi Lauren, I grew up in South Africa and played hockey all through school, I never quite made the grade and severely lacked confidence. Moving to Scotland when I was 19 I thought I would never play hockey again. 10yrs ago I moved to a little Island off the West Coast of Scotland and found a group of ladies and men who played indoor hockey every Wednesday just for fun. I found my love for hockey again, over a course of time I volunteered as a parent helper in a newly formed Junior hockey club and pushed myself to undergo the UKCC Level 1 in hockey coaching, then with the help of a couple of fellow hockey friends set up Arran Ladies Hockey Club for which I Coach and play (we play in the West District League in the Fourth Division) I am currently undergoing UKCC Level 2 qualifications and I have found your video helpful and inspiring. I want to continue to learn and develop and teach all aspects of hockey and your advice is another step to achieving my goals. Thank you

  • Lizzie

    Reply Reply 14/10/2015

    Great video!! I can’t wait for the rest of the series. I coach a Varsity High School team, as well as a competitive club team in the area. I love the design of the four pillars of success…coaching in a nutshell. πŸ™‚ I’m a big believer in the psychological side of coaching. I want more than anything for my athletes (of all ages) to discover the love of the sport that share through an environment I can design for them. As coaches, we can make or break athletes and whether field hockey is their primary sport or not, when they play for me I want them to have the greatest experience ever! It’s these memories with their teammates that will last a lifetime.

  • Roger Jansen

    Reply Reply 19/10/2015

    Very inspiring video. Although I have been coaching junior hockey teams in the Netherlands for almost 10 years now and knowing that I can inspire people to give their best, I does not always work. I therefore definitely want to further try to understand more of the psychological aspect. I fully agree that the focus generally is on technics, tactics and to a lesser extent on the physical aspect. I hope that more understanding of the psychological aspect will bring my coaching skills to a next level. I look forward to the next video!

  • Gordon Martin

    Reply Reply 25/10/2015

    I have been coaching kids to senior level in Scotland for a while good to have a different perspective on different styles of coaching .The first video was very good

  • Damion Fuller

    Reply Reply 08/01/2019

    Greetings Lauren Penny

    This first video has opened a new level of enthusiasm as it relates to my goal of being one of the best Coaches, especially in the sport of Field Hockey. Currently, I am a player-coach at the college I attend, G.C. Foster College of Physical Education & Sports. I have coached before in my final year of high school and a few months after graduating. I look forward to the remaining videos and your help with other aspects of assistance in hockey, be it fitness, performance etc. Keep up the wonderful work you are doing and I wish for you and your academy continued success.


    Damion Fuller

  • Gustavo Irazusta

    Reply Reply 26/05/2020

    Hi Lauren, first of all, the vide was very good, it really inspire to me, I can’t wait to see the next video…. I have been coaching a severals kids an senior teams, and this year I am in a new female team and I take my first senior menΒ΄s hockey team. So I wanna take them to the next level….
    (Sorry for my English, I am trying to do my best to make me understand)…

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