Module 1 - What Makes a Great Hockey Player? (Demo version)

Follow a proven system to build ultimate confidence, lighting quick speed & sharp decision making so that you can reach peak performance in your field hockey, in just 12 weeks!

If you want to start thinking and playing like a champion, supercharge your physical presence and become that consistent player that every player aspires to be like, then this will excite you...

In the 12 week hockey course I cover things like:

  • how to be more confident and believe in yourself
  • overcome the fear of mistakes which is #1 reason people fail
  • learn how to handle pressure and nerves so that you play well even at trials
  • how to be fitter, faster and more explosive on the field
  • look after your body and reduce your risk of injury
  • how to fuel your body for energy and what to eat for optimum performance
  • improve your vision and decision making so that you become more consistent
  • understand tactics and your positioning on the field
  • improve your hockey skills and which ones to focus on

By the end of the 12 weeks, you'd have learned ALL you need to become the next hockey great!

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