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Are you are dreaming of becoming the best hockey player that you can be BUT maybe something is holding you back?

  • Do you ever put yourself under too much pressure & panic when it really counts?
  • Worry about making mistakes & expect to be perfect?
  • Get frustrated easily or lack consistency in your game?
  • Wish you could be faster and more agile to get past players?
  • Want to hit, slap, overhead or dragflick the ball harder and more powerfully?
  • Need to get stronger so that you don't get knocked off the ball easily?
  • Hate missing games and being injured?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then don't worry... I have helped many hockey players just like you to overcome these setbacks, so that you can become the best player that you are dreaming of becoming.

Who Am I?

My name is Lauren Penny and I am an international hockey player and performance mentor who works with hockey players of all levels who are looking to take a step up in their hockey and reach a higher level.

I am skilled in helping players boost their mental and physical toughness and passionate about coaching them beyond limiting beliefs until they achieve more than they would have thought possible. I help prepare players for success by teaching them how to deal with setbacks that get in the way of reaching your goals.

As a qualified Sports Mental Trainer, including NLP, psychology and life coaching I specialise in helping those with low confidence and those that get distracted and frustrated easily. I am also a fitness expert with more than a decade of experience in helping hockey players to become stronger, faster and more explosive and agile.

It is the unique combination of my knowledge and experience that make players of all levels from around the world keen to work with me. After working together, you will be left with no excuses as to why you can't reach your goals!

I have created a personal, step-by-step 12 week course that identifies any mental or physical barriers, which are currently preventing you from reaching your goal - and then shows you how to beat them, permanently.

Follow a step by step program teaching you:

  • How to believe in yourself to achieve your dreams
  • My formula for unstoppable confidence
  • Discover how to overcome the fear of making mistakes
  • Become more focussed & improve concentration to beat any distractions
  • Learn how to control frustration
  • Discover how to deal with pressure and handle setbacks
  • Get faster, stronger and fitter & see how your performance soars
  • Build power so you become more explosive & are always first to the ball
  • How to look after your body and reduce your risk of injury
  • How to improve your vision and make better decisions on the field
  • Understand your ideal nutrition for optimum performance
  • Learn about tactics so that you undestand your role and objectives
  • Improve your hockey skills and technique to beat players
  • Learn how to become a more consistent hockey player
  • Understand exactly what coaches & selectors look for in players

Want proof? Sure thing...

Don't just take my word for it... see what others are saying:

Ellie Rayer

I have found the Hockey Performance Academy training has been massively helpful! The course has been amazing in helping me to improve the mental side of my game – maintaining a positive attitude throughout a match, making me aware of my emotions whilst I’m playing as well as the state of mind and the ideal preparation that will allow me to perform to my true potential. I have found that it has improved my game and my confidence has soared! All the modules involving conditioning, the speed & agility and strength & power have been very informative – all the information has provided me with some fantastic drills and exercises which I can take forward alongside the support I receive through England training camps! Lauren is really involved which is amazing to have someone of her credentials supporting me, she is always there to answer any of my questions as well as showing an interest in how my hockey is going. This is the answer for anyone who wants to improve their game and take it to the next level!

Ellie Rayer England u18 Team
Cameron Ley

It is really hard to describe how great the experience was and how much I have benefitted from the mentorship programme. Lauren explore’s so many different aspects that you’d never even think about before, and all of these have already made big improvements in my game. Lauren is fantastic! She’s always there for you if you need anything and gives detailed analysis to help you improve. The weekly Skype calls are really useful as you get the opinions of a national standard player who knows exactly what you’re going through and can therefore help you to improve. All of the modules are excellently put together and are so useful, one of the best things, in my opinion, is that you get access to the content for life, meaning that you can always go back and look over stuff when you need to.

I have learnt many little tweaks to my skills that make a big difference. I was already aware that the aspects covered in the modules would help to improve me as a player, I just never knew how to work on these aspects, but the modules show you exactly what to do to improve and why it helps. I have improved my vision, confidence and mental toughness. Also, I knew that I need to do pre-season fitness, but I never knew what exercises to do and how to structure the workouts. I also feel that I now have a much greater understanding of what foods I should be consuming and when.

Cameron Ley 15 years old, England

What exactly will you learn on the Mentorship Program?

Module 1: What Makes A Great Hockey Player?

Why do some people make it and others don't despite very little difference in ability? This module discusses the differences between talent versus hard work, grit and determination. We also delve into getting out of your comfort zone, sacrifice and being accountable. This is the foundation of the course that teaches you that you can achieve anything you set your mind to as long as you are committed. It is time to be clear about what you want to achieve so that you know where you are and where you need to get to. This is a great starter module which will guide you to set clear and achievable objectives.

Module 2: Get Mentally Tougher

There is a reason why many believe that the mental part of the game is the most important part of sport, that's because it is. There are many great sports people who maybe haven't made it because of their lack of mental ability so we want to teach you how to get mentally tougher so that you can take a step to the next level. In this module we explain how the brain works so that you can use it to your advantage. We also talk about how to get motivated and getting rid of any limiting beliefs that you may have.

Module 3: How to Believe in Yourself & Have Ultimate Confidence

Finally, one of the most popular subjects is how to believe in yourself and build confidence. It is easy to say believe in yourself, but what does that actually mean? And how do you do that when you keep feeling like you are not good enough? Learn the secrets of how to use visualisation, affirmations and control your self talk. I also include a guided visualisation done by a top sport's psychologist which you can use to help get you 'into the zone' so that you are ready for a great performance.

Module 4: Deal with Fear, Pressure, Frustration & Get Focussed

Anyone who plays sport will at some point feel a fear of failure, get nervous, feel pressure from parents, coaches or yourself, be frustrated or struggle to concentrate and focus. In this module we will provide you with many tools which will help you to overcome these difficult emotions so that you can focus on being successful. We also teach you about how to 'get into the zone' for consistent performance as well as how to overcome high expectations and setbacks. This is one of the most important modules for those who 'choke' at game time and this module will help you change that.

Module 5: Get Fit For Hockey

Hockey players have to be fit to cover a lot of ground and be able to last 70 minutes but what kind of fitness is best? Too many coaches advise players that they should be doing long distance running to get fitter but research has shown that this is not only unproductive but also increases the risk of injury. We will cover how to assess to progress, which is essential in beginning any kind of training program as well as an ideal warmup and cool down routine which will be best for optimum performance. The last part of the module will explain the various forms of conditioning to get fitter for hockey and provide an overview of a pre-season program.

Module 6: Get Stronger & Build Power for Explosiveness

What makes one player get to the ball first or hit the ball harder than another? And why do some players get knocked off the ball easier than others? A lot of the time this is due to strength and power, which is an important part of any sport. Power is very important in hockey as it gives you the explosiveness you need, but often people forget that you can't have power without strength. This module includes a comprehensive done-for-you 16 week training program designed from pre-season through to advice and guidance for maintenance over the season. This module will help you to transfer your game so that you can get stronger and more explosive to get to the ball first.

Module 7: Speed & Agility

Who doesn't want to be faster and more agile? It is one of, if not THE most dangerous skill in sport because no one can tackle you if you have run past them or already gained a 5 yard advantage over your opponent. Hockey is about not only being fast but also being able to change direction efficiently. If you don't know how to slow down or decelerate then how can you change direction quickly? This module teaches you the essentials of not only being faster (acceleration) but also the technique of how to change direction and react to turnovers quicker.

Module 8: Recovery & Injuries

If you are serious about getting the most out of yourself then this module is as important as every other one. Most hockey players have at some point been injured, whether it is from a stick, ball or an overuse injury like a hamstring strain, knee pain, etc. We all know that hockey is a dangerous game but that is why a lot of us love it, because it's exciting. However you must take pre-cautionary measure to prevent injuries as much as you can. It is essential that you spend enough time ensuring that you recover properly and look after your body in the right ways or it may affect your next game and even later on in life. In this module we share with you some strategies in both preventing and treating injuries as well as releasing tight muscles. We have also recognised how mobility limitations can not only affect your performance but can also result in injuries due to bad biomechanics if ignored, so we provide you with a solution to pick up any weak area's than need attention.

Module 9: Nutrition for Optimum Performance

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to nutrition, what to eat when and how much, how often, etc. Nutrition has a massive influence in your performance and can also affect decision making. Everyone is different so we provide you with a formula for calculating how much you should be eating based on you. We also teach about essential macronutrients and the proportions you should aim for for carbohydrates, protein and fat, how to read food labels so you understand what you are putting into your body as well as advice on supplements and which ones are actually worth considering, as a lot of them are just money making businesses. If you have questions about what to eat before, during and after games then this module will definitely help you.

Module 10: Better Visual Skills

Training your eyes is as important as training your muscles. When it comes to sport, being able to see where your team mates are, where the defenders are, seeing passes, reading space and ultimately having enough information to make decisions is essential to performance. Part of this module has been put together by Vision Performance Director Dr Zoe Wimshurst who has worked with many top international sports men and women including the GB Men's Hockey Team. We also include a few exercises to improve your spacial and peripheral awareness, which is one of the most important aspects of vision in hockey.

Module 11: Understand Tactics

Throughout my own personal experience I have come to realise that most players do not understand tactics or perhaps some coaches are not great at explaining tactics to players. According to surveys I did even some international players are not sure why you play certain presses or the types of formations and various attacking objectives and defensive strategies. Our aim in this module is to provide you with an understanding of the essential and most important tactics used in hockey as well as explain how to have a presence on the field. This should leave you with confidence knowing your role in various presses, types of play and we also talk about the importance of creating 2 v 1 situations.

Module 12: Hockey Skills

This part of the course is normally what people practice the most but we need to understand that everything else is as important. The attacking and defending skills shown in the video's in this module are demonstrated by England & Great Britain players, Ashleigh Ball and Sally Walton (Olympic Bronze medalists at the London 2012 Olympics). They showcase a number of attacking and defending skills which are often used in hockey which include a variety of elimination skills, passing, aerials, shooting, deflections, leading, getting in front of your player to receive the ball and first touch, as well as the correct techniques for various tackles. And for Goalkeepers, don't worry we also have you covered, the goalkeeper video's are demonstrated by South African Hockey Goalkeeper and Double Olympian Sanani Mangisa where she teaches you the essentials of goalkeeping to get to the next level.

How does the Mentorship Program work?


  • Access to the video training modules above (for life)
  • Weekly private mentoring sessions with Lauren via skype/facetime (great for accountability)
  • UNLIMITED access to Lauren for any questions (Yes, unlimited)!
  • Video analysis (to help you improve)
  • A personalised plan for your season (to work smarter)
  • Your own HPA t-shirt
  • Exclusive access to VIP Private Members Group
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  • Interactive contact

    Live Interaction from an International Player, teaching how to make you a better hockey player and giving the opportunity to learn from their mistakes and successes.

  • Video access for life

    Access to a range of video’s teaching you about various topics which you can watch in your own time.

  • Accessible on mobile devices

    Easily access content, watch videos and demo’s on your mobile device too.

Here Are Just A Few Testimonials 

Jordan Homann

The Hockey Performance Academy has helped me hugely over the past few months. I have improved my mental toughness, which was the weakest part of my game. Improving my mental toughness and confidence has made me play better as I am not focusing on the negatives but the positives. Not only has it improved me mentally but it has helped my fitness levels. It is very difficult to get the right kind of fitness, your modules for fitness are great because you know that they are hockey specific.

I loved the direct interaction with Lauren as it a great way to ask lots of questions. It was so inspiring to talk to an international player who has been there and done it. All of my worries or struggles Lauren has always understood and gave me great advice. Overall I thought it was very good and has improved my game massively and I would recommend this to anyone looking to improve their game.

Jordan Homann 14 years old, England
Andrea Leader

I really love to play hockey and I wish to play for SA one day which is why I joined the Hockey Performance Academy. Over the past few years my level of hockey was pretty much the same standard and personally, I didn’t know there was a lot more I needed to know about playing on the hockey field; which is where I have really benefitted from this Academy.

I had been struggling with my mental approach for quite a number of years, despite some of the credit and positive comments I get from people, I seem to not soak it in when I play for club and provincial teams. After watching the video’s and being part of the group, I have really been making progress with myself. Recently I have been trying to turn every negative into a positive and to try follow and practise what was recommended for me to build my confidence levels.

I have also set goals (which I don’t ever do) and I have got my own little notebook with all the notes from the modules. Everything that a hockey player could ask for is included and it covers all aspects of improving your game, as well as things off the field like nutrition and exercise. This has really helped me because I tend to eat without thinking about what I am putting in my body. I strongly believe all this help from the group is making me a better hockey player and I now believe I could one day reach my goal, which is playing for my country.

At the end of the day it all comes down to me putting all this into practice, but the Hockey Performance Academy is something that can help anyone at any standard of hockey and any age improve him/herself as a player.

Andrea Leader 18 years old, South Africa
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How does the mentorship program work? 

Once you applied for mentorship by completing the form below, you will need to speak to Lauren so she can understand where you are and how she can help you. Once you have been accepted you will be enrolled and given access to the online program which includes the interactive video's. You will get access to one module per week which will follow with a weekly call with Lauren. You will also have unlimited access to Lauren who will mentor you personally with anything you need help with or if you have any questions. It is also great for accountability and getting you to take action on the things you learn. Information doesn't change people, application does!

How long will I be able to access the online video training?

You will have access to the online video training forever, even after the personal mentorship with Lauren finishes you can re-visit and access the video training at anytime which you can use as an ongoing resource throughout every season.

How much time do I need to commit to the program? 

We understand that you are probably very busy with a lot of other things going on so we have made sure that this will not get in the way of school/studies or work. We only ask for 1-2 hour per week of your time. It is about working smarter not harder!

Are there any requirements?

The only requirement is that you are willing to take action on things that are discussed so that you can achieve your desired outcome. Lauren wants to work with those that are keen to learn, willing to take on feedback and do what it takes to achieve your goals.

How do I get started on the mentorship program? 

Simply start by completing the form on the bottom of this page and check your emails over the next few days. Once you get an invite, reply back to arrange a suitable time for an initial call. The purpose of the call is to get an understanding of where you are at and what you need help with. Due to popular demand I want to work with those that are serious and committed to their goals so be sure to include as much information as possible on the application form.


In order to join the program I would like to have a chat with you first, to be sure that this is right for you and that I can help you. All you need to do is complete the form below detailing as much as possible and we will be in touch with you to book a suitable time for a call.

Call are done via skype or facetime so please be sure to include your username/ID so we can get in touch with you. If you do not have either of these then you can setup a free skype account on their website:, or via the app.

For those under 21 years, we strongly advise that parent/s are also on the call as this is very helpful not only to add value to the conversation and a different perspective but it is also great for them to understand where you may need help, how they can support your goals and how the program can benefit you.

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