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Here's What Players Are Saying:

Ellie Rayer

The experience on the HPA program has been amazing and massively helpful. It has helped me improve the mental side of my game, being able to maintain a positive attitude throughout a match, control my emotions and understand how to prepare to get into the right mental state to perform to my true potential.

It has improved my game so much and my confidence has soared! This is the answer for anyone who wants to improve their game and take it to the next level.

Ellie Rayer Now a GB Senior International Player (was 17 years)
Cameron Ley

It’s really hard to describe how great the HPA experience is and how much I have benefitted from it. In the HPA program Lauren explores so many area’s that you’d never even think about which have all made BIG improvements in my game. Overall I have really improved my confidence, mental toughness and decision making.

Cameron Ley 15 years old
Jordan Homann

Since joining the program I have improved my overall mental toughness which was the weakest part of my game. It was so inspiring learning from someone who has been there and done it themselves.

The HPA program gave me so much confidence which has allowed me to play better and my game has improved massively. I would recommend this to anyone looking to improve their game.

Jordan Homann 13 years, (now England u18)
Lauren Piper

I was so nervous to join HPA because my confidence was so bad and I didn’t think anyone could help me. However I have since managed to make it through various selections. If Lauren hadn’t helped me I absolutely 100% would not be playing to the standard that I am now.

I used to be afraid of taking on challenges and would hide away but Lauren pulled me out of my comfort zone and I’ve achieved things I didn’t even think possible. Not only has my game changed immensely but I also have a more positive outlook on life in general too.

Lauren Piper Now playing in Premier league
Andrea Leader

I had struggled with my mental approach for quite a number of years, despite credit and positive comments that I get from people. This is something that can help anyone of any standard or any age to improve themselves in sport and life.

Andrea Leader Senior Club Player, South Africa
Jennifer Szukics

I wanted to thank you for your help with Macy. First, she made the squad for her club championship team and this past weekend she attended the US National team tryouts. Macy’s confidence and focus were off the charts.

I have never seen her play like that!! I am still so proud of her because she was handing it to college players. It was amazing to watch. You have helped her confidence in so many ways, thank you Lauren.

Her confidence meter is full and she is back and unstoppable! She couldn’t have done this without you and what you have taught her.

Jennifer Szukics Parent of 11 year old, USA
Jamie McDonald

When I started the program I had started my season poorly and to show how effective this was I accomplished my target of becoming player of the season within my team.

Without this program I’m positive that this wouldn’t have been achievable and I’m overjoyed with what I’ve experienced. I have a new confidence in myself not only on the pitch but also outside of sport in the working world. I can’t recommend learning these skills enough.

Jamie McDonald Senior Club Player
Bruno Sousa

The program has helped me to play better, my thinking is more positive and I have learn’t exactly how to prepare for games and get into the zone for my ideal performance. Lauren has helped improve my confidence when I needed it most and is exactly what I needed as preparation for the Olympic Games.

Bruno Sousa Brazilian Senior International Player
Rachel Collier

What a fantastic program! I have really learnt a lot particularly on the mental side of the game. I am now a far more confident player which enables my skills to show through.

The periodised fitness program has been a god send as for me as it means I have more structure and know exactly what I need to do. The nutrition module was also useful and the guided visualisation audio downloads are amazing!

Overall I have more confidence on the ball, am better at pre scanning and my first touch has also improved. I’ve also improved my vision, mental toughness, speed and agility.

For me as an older player this whole experience has been amazing and knowing that I am doing things right and seeing myself progress at my age and become a better player for my country is what it’s all about.

Rachel Collier Welsh International Masters Player (over 40)
Michaela Schreuder

The HPA program helped me so much! This year was the best year of my hockey because I was fit and mentally strong. I believed in myself and that helped me more than anything!

Because of all this I made a provincial team and played in the Inter-Provincial Tournament for the first time.

Michaela Schreuder Club player, South Africa

After using this program for a number of months now I can say with confidence that Hockey Performance Academy is the best training aid for hockey on the market currently. The course has allowed me to take my game to levels that I wouldn’t otherwise have been able to achieve. My performance on and off the pitch has improved drastically, Lauren focuses a lot on the mental aspect of the game and I’d accredit the majority of my improvement down to this fact.

By working through the programme in twelve weeks the course is very nicely broken up, giving me a good balance and focus in what I want to achieve. As each week targets a different area, it aims to build a rounded hockey player focussing on one aspect at a time which makes things simple to follow and easy to understand. It’s been a revelation to me that I’ve been able to progress so rapidly.

I started the course half way through a hockey season in which I started poorly and to show how effective this product is I can say I’ve accomplished my target of becoming player of the season within my team. Without Lauren I’m positive that this wouldn’t have been achievable and I’m overjoyed with what I’ve experienced through participating in the programme.

This course offers so much its not to be believed until actually tried out for yourself, I highlighted the mental aspect which is covered throughout as that’s an area of the game I’ve always struggled with however I can also provide testament that the physical part of my game is unrecognisable to what it was at the start of the twelve weeks.

Aside from what I’ve already mentioned I have a new confidence in myself not only on the pitch but also outside of hockey in the working world.  I now feel educated more in tactics and nutrition to top off everything.

I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience and can’t recommend Hockey Performance Academy enough.

Jamie MacDonald