Would you like to help talented field hockey players who show potential to go further in hockey? You could be helping hockey players by supporting them with the kind of training and advice that they need to achieve their goals and reach a higher level in their sport.

What's in it for you?

Apart from the obvious brand awareness and exposure that you will gain from the sponsorship, it also shows that you are loyal to hockey and that you care about players getting the most out of themselves.

  • Brand Exposure (via social media, blog & newsletter)
  • Generate Traffic To Your Site (i.e. potential sales)
  • Show Your Loyalty & Support In Hockey
  • Featured Blog Post to Thousands Of Subscribers
  • PR & Advertising Opportunities

What will sponsored players learn?

Our sponsorship scheme is not only going to improve the players game, but it will also teach them some very valuable lessons off the field in everyday life too. Here are just a few of the benefits which will help their hockey:

  • Boost Players Confidence
  • Build The Ultimate Champion Mindset
  • Dealing With Fear of Failure, Pressure, Frustration & Expectations
  • Preparing for Success for Consistent Performances
  • Personalised Fitness Training Program
  • Become Stronger & More Powerful To Dominate Against Teams
  • Improve Speed & Agility & First Step Quickness
  • Learn About Nutrition For Optimum Performance
  • Understand How To Look After Their Body & Recovery Strategies
  • Improve Vision & Decision Making
  • Understanding Tactical Positioning & Game Play Strategies
  • Overcoming Mistakes, Setbacks & Difficult Emotions
  • Develop Their Hockey Skills

How it works?

Once players have been deemed suitable for the program, they will be given login details where they can access the members area, which includes video training, downloadable PDF's and cheatsheets. Once a week (over 12 weeks) they will have a skype session with me where we will discuss the weekly action points for each module, it is also a chance to personalise everything to suit them and an opportunity for them to ask any questions. Each week has a different topic focus ranging from mindset, fitness, nutrition, recovery, vision, tactics, skills, etc.

Who do I sponsor?

You can either choose the player/s that you wish to sponsor or you can donate the funds which we will use to help a suitable hockey player that passes our application process. Our application process consists of a skype interview with me where I assess their suitability for the program. We only accept players that are fully committed to becoming a better player and are willing to take action by following our advice, that way we see the best results with players.

What's the next step?

If you are interested in sponsoring any hockey players then please complete the form below and we will be in touch to discuss in more detail.

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