Training workshops are available to individuals, small groups and teams around the world. This can be done face-to-face, via skype or via online webinars. There are a range of topics to choose from, see below for more details:

Motivational & Mindset Topics Suggestions:

  • Getting Motivated & Prepared With Goal Setting
  • Having The Right Mindset & Being Mentally Tough
  • Building Rock Solid Confidence
  • Performing Under Pressure & Managing Expectations
  • Dealing With Emotions (Fear of Failure, Anger, Frustration)
  • Effective Communication & Working as a Team
  • Staying Focussed & Beating Distractions
  • Overcoming Setbacks, Injury & Being Resilient
  • My Journey To Becoming An International Hockey Player
  • What It Really Takes To Reach Your Potential

Fitness For Sport Session Suggestions:

  • Improving Sport Specific Fitness (Overview)
  • Getting Stronger In The Gym For Sport's Performance
  • Developing Power & Explosiveness
  • Building Faster & More Agile Players
  • Reducing The Risk Of Injuries & Recovery Strategies
  • Optimum Nutrition & Eating Habits For Sports Performance
  • Reaching Peak Performance In Sports
  • Creating Better Conditioned Athletes For Improved Endurance
  • How To Plan, Structure & Periodise Your Season Throughout The Year

Request A Workshop

If you are interested in any of the above workshops and would like to find out more, please provide the info below and I will be in touch with you to discuss soon.

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