How Rachel Went From Club Player To International Masters Hockey In Just 12 Months

In sport, there is often a huge emphasis placed on getting results…

This week I had a catchup chat with a HPA Member who has seen massive results in the last 12 months.

Rachel is a great example of someone who took action on what she learn’t, proving how accountability and a deliberate focus can produce the results you’ve been dreaming of.

It all started when Rachel decided that she wanted more from hockey, she got in touch and made the commitment to set her goals on playing for her country…

In this video interview you will learn:

  • The #1 regret and the reason why Rachel didn’t go further as a teenager
  • Why and how she came back to hockey after a 20 year break
  • How she went from being a player that doubted herself to a confident person
  • How her new mindset impacted the growth of her business
  • The biggest challenges she’s overcome and her turning point
  • How her physical training has improved her acceleration & agility on the field
  • Rachel’s personal advice for both teenagers and also older players
  • The most important lessons that she has learn’t in her journey

Check it all out in this inspiring video interview with Rachel:

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As Rachel says “go for it, you have nothing to lose”



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About The Author

Lauren Penny

Lauren is a former International Hockey Player, Performance Coach & Mentor specialising in helping hockey players to be more confident, improve their fitness and perform more consistently to get noticed and reach higher teams.