Beat Players Using These Field Hockey 3D Skills

Want to get past players easily? Then work on your field hockey 3D skills.

The game of field hockey has progressed so much in recent times and one of the important elements of this development has been the use of 3D skills or what is also known as lifted skills, pops or jinks.

It is one of the hardest skills to defend against and can be used by all outfield positions, whether it’s a striker creating space in the circle, a midfielder using 3D skills to get past a player or a defender getting out of a tight space under pressure.

Here is a video demonstrating 3 variations of field hockey 3D skills:

Do you ever find that you can do hockey skills in training but you don’t always use them effectively in games? 

If you answered yes, the ONLY difference is what is happening between your ears (i.e. your mind). You can in fact train your ability to perform under pressure when it counts. This is something I specialise in helping sports people with, especially hockey players.

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About The Author

Lauren Penny

Lauren is a former International Hockey Player, Performance Coach & Mentor specialising in helping hockey players to be more confident, improve their fitness and perform more consistently to get noticed and reach higher teams.


  • Roger Martin

    Reply Reply 02/06/2015

    Great tips , at what age group do we start teaching these 3D skills.

    • Lauren Penny

      Reply Reply 02/06/2015

      There is no specific age as such, it is more about the level of the player. I would say that they can start practicing anytime but especially once a player understands the basics and has good ball control (i.e. can receive a pass under control, make a good pass and dribble under control). For example, the dutch start playing hockey very young and so they can do more advanced skills at younger ages than most countries.

  • i can’t watch the video

    • Lauren Penny

      Reply Reply 03/06/2015

      Gabriela, sorry about that there was a coding error but it is fixed and you can watch it now 🙂

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