How Rebecca Overcame Negative Comments From Others And Became An International Masters Player

How would you respond if someone told you that you’re not good enough”

Or that “you don’t stand a chance”?

Most people would give up.

In fact, that’s exactly how Rebecca felt when she was told that by a coach years ago.

But, something inside of her refused to accept that and years later she has proved that coach wrong.

Maybe others have said negative things about you, which affects your motivation or confidence.

Despite only playing hockey for 5 seasons, Rebecca has at the age of 44 become a Scotland Masters over 40’s player.

She achieved this despite not having much time between being a mother, running her own business and travelling 12-14 hour round trips to get to trials and trainings.

Her journey is a great lesson for players of all ages that you can do anything you put your mind to.

In the video interview below Rebecca shares how she:

?? Overcame self doubt and low confidence

?? Dealt with negative comments from others

?? Achieved her goal even though she started hockey much later than most

?? Juggles her time between being a parent, running a business and playing hockey

?? Always used to put others needs first and ignoring her own needs

?? Uses what she’s learnt to help and inspire others (incl her own kids)

About The Author

Lauren Penny

Lauren is a former International Hockey Player, Performance Coach & Mentor specialising in helping hockey players to be more confident, improve their fitness and perform more consistently to get noticed and reach higher teams.