HPA Success Story: How Kyme Went From Shadow To International Masters Player

After a two year quest Kyme Rowe from Australia became an International Masters hockey player, despite a number of setbacks she has faced including being named a shadow player (reserve) for two years in a row.

Kyme had potential growing up as a teenager but she failed to go further as she didn’t believe in herself which meant she never committed herself 100%

Years later, after some personal setbacks, she realised she wanted more and she didn’t want any regrets.

Her goal of making the Australian Masters hockey team gave her a second chance to put things right.

When she first got in touch with me 18 months ago she was doing a lot of her own fitness alongside her full time job. But, after reviewing her schedule I realised she was doing too much which meant she often felt tired, fatigued and burnt out.

We got to work straight away and we looked at a few areas including the 4 Core Pillars of what makes a great hockey player. To this day she said that the biggest difference for her has been her mindset which has given her the confidence she’s needed to reach her dream.

Most importantly she listened and took action on what I taught her.

Within 18 months of working with Kyme she made her international debut for the Australian Masters over 45’s team.

In the video interview below Kyme shares the key lessons she learnt in her journey towards becoming an international masters player including:

  • How she went from shadow two years in a row to ‘SELECTED’
  • The importance of doing the right training and RECOVERY
  • How to work SMARTER with the little time we have
  • Why you need to work backwards to reach your goals
  • How the “OFF the field stuff” can affect you emotionally
  • What motivates her to get up and train at 5am (even when things are tough)
  • Why you NEED a supportive environment to succeed



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About The Author

Lauren Penny

Lauren is a former International Hockey Player, Performance Coach & Mentor specialising in helping hockey players to be more confident, improve their fitness and perform more consistently to get noticed and reach higher teams.