Ever wanted to know what it takes to go from playing junior level hockey to playing against older, stronger and more experienced players?

I spoke to HPA Member James Meakin who has recently achieved exactly that.

James contacted me in 2014 (aged 15 years) and we got to work straight away. Two years on he is now playing in the English National Premier League, against many senior international players.

When the 17 year old got in touch to let me know of his recent success, he agreed to let me interview him so he can share his story in the hope of inspiring others…

In the video interview below he shares many tips as well as the key moments and lessons he has learn’t including:

  • The biggest difference between playing in England vs playing the Dutch
  • Why only working on your skills is not enough
  • A technique he uses to stay positive and focussed
  • What you MUST do to step up and play against older players
  • #1 skill/drill to train; once mastered no-one can stop you
  • How James overcame the challenges & setbacks he’s faced
  • Why setbacks are key to your success

Inspiring Video Interview with James Meakin

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