Partnership with Hockey Clubs & Coaches

The Hockey Performance Academy is a premium online training system which has been put together by international hockey player & hockey performance expert, Lauren Penny. A large focus of the training is on the mental and physical parts of the game, which is a huge part of hockey nowadays but is so often neglected or not understood.

We are currently looking for partners (either clubs or coaches) to join our hockey performance network. We offer hockey specific performance training and tips for players of all levels and ages, with the aim of maximising their potential so they can consistently play at the top of their game.

How will you/your club benefit

You can be assured that the online video training is of premium quality and will get results for players of all standards and ages as long as they want to improve and are willing to put everything into action. As a thank you for referring players to the HPA, we offer a 20% commission / cash back scheme to clubs or coaches.

This is a great way to supplement fundraising for the club or to earn a passive income whilst also helping players to reach their potential and play at their best, whatever standard they play at.

Our online training programs range from around £60 ($99) to £120 ($199) which means that for each player that purchases any of our online programs, you will get £12 ($20) or £24 ($40). So if 20 people from your club join our complete 12 week package, you will get £480 ($800).

We can provide you with e-flyers and promotional posters to help you promote the fantastic training programs that we have to offer.

Those interested in joining should request to become a partner by emailing:

How will your players benefit:

There are many ways in which your players can benefit, here are just 10 of many benefits for players:

  • Learn how to best prepare for games and get into the zone
  • Boost confidence and believe in their ability
  • How to overcome the fear of failure
  • Dealing with being under pressure and playing well consistently
  • Overcome frustration that affects their game
  • The ability to focus on the game and beat distractions
  • Improved fitness, commitment and motivation
  • Develop more speed & power to create attacks and win more ball
  • Better agility to get around players and react to turnovers
  • Optimum Nutrition & Improved Vision for Better Decision Making

Some Testimonials From Those Who Have Been Through The Training

After using this program for a number of months now I can say with confidence that Hockey Performance Academy is the best training aid for hockey on the market currently. The course has allowed me to take my game to levels that I wouldn’t otherwise have been able to achieve. My performance on and off the pitch has improved drastically, Lauren focuses a lot on the mental aspect of the game and I’d accredit the majority of my improvement down to this fact.

By working through the programme in twelve weeks the course is very nicely broken up, giving me a good balance and focus in what I want to achieve. As each week targets a different area, it aims to build a rounded hockey player focussing on one aspect at a time which makes things simple to follow and easy to understand. It’s been a revelation to me that I’ve been able to progress so rapidly.

I started the course half way through a hockey season in which I started poorly and to show how effective this product is I can say I’ve accomplished my target of becoming player of the season within my team. Without Lauren I’m positive that this wouldn’t have been achievable and I’m overjoyed with what I’ve experienced through participating in the programme.

This course offers so much its not to be believed until actually tried out for yourself, I highlighted the mental aspect which is covered throughout as that’s an area of the game I’ve always struggled with however I can also provide testament that the physical part of my game is unrecognisable to what it was at the start of the twelve weeks.

Aside from what I’ve already mentioned I have a new confidence in myself not only on the pitch but also outside of hockey in the working world.  I now feel educated more in tactics and nutrition to top off everything. I couldn’t be more pleased with my experience and can’t recommend Hockey Performance Academy enough.

Jamie Mac Donald, Newcastle, UK

Shenarda Dedic, Old Loughts, Essex

Where players can signup

For the full range of our hockey packages, they can find out more about each program at:

For more info on our recommended "complete package" which is the most popular program they can go to: