13 Types of Hockey Players – Which One Are You?

In every field hockey team that I have played in there always seems to be similar types of hockey players, no matter what country I am in or what level I am playing at.

In this article I attempt to breakdown my observations of the different hockey player personalities. Make sure you let us know in the comments below which one you are…

13 Types of Hockey Players in Every Team

1. The Nutter

This is probably your goalkeeper who is just a bit crazy (not just for choosing to play goalie). It could also be the player that dives for everything, proud of their battle wounds which comes in the form of bruises, grazes, scars and tends to fly into tackles from every side, never afraid of getting hurt. nutter

2. The Dribbler

There’s the player that has really great skills and is good at dribbling and then there’s those that tend to hold onto the ball too long! I am still trying to figure out if they doesn’t pass much because they don’t trust their team mates or because they want to show others what they can do with the ball.Dribbler

3. The Joker 

In school they are called the “class clown” but off the hockey field they are the ones that are joking around, playing pranks, doing silly dancing or tricks and making everyone laugh. Although they can be seen as messing around, these people often use laughter as their way of focussing and staying relaxed.

4. The Poacher

You have done all the hard work to setup a goal for your team and then suddenly this player is there to make the final touch and they get credited with a goal… I say good on them! Who ever said hockey was a team game? Let’s face it all attacking minded players want their name on the sheet for scoring.


5. Fitness Freak 

That player that can run and run and run and run and always wants to do extra fitness and running. They tend to play in midfield (but not always) and like it there because they get to do the most… RUNNING! Their legs keep going right to the end even when they haven’t been substituted!

6. The Competitor

This player is extremely competitive and is not the umpires favourite person. They are not shy of giving their opinion especially in the heat of the moment which tends to get them a lot of cards. Sometimes their temper and frustration comes out on the field and although they occasionally shout at their own team mates, it only comes from the passion of wanting to win so much. 


7. The Trickster

If there is a new skill to learn, this player will be the first one doing it and will spend hours practicing. Whether it’s spinning around in a circle keeping the ball under control, some fancy between the legs skill, freestyle tricks while air dribbling or scoring from an almost impossible angle.

trickster8. The Speedster 

You know those players that gets on their roller skates and as soon as they change gears everyone else is chasing.  Usually wingers (or attacking mids) and with a bit of ball control can be very dangerous players. They are normally the number 1 runner at defending short corners.


9. The Hockey Nerd

These players LOVE and live for hockey. They always have their notepad in team talks, taking in everything the coach is saying, always early for training and games and gives all the right answers. When I was younger I wasn’t really a hockey nerd but it’s something you need to learn to do if you want to reach the higher levels in hockey.


10. The Injured One

This person is the unlucky player that always has some kind of injury. They are accident prone and get all sorts of injuries from nasty ones like stick/balls to face, to broken fingers, ankle injuries from stepping on the ball, sprains, strains, bad back, sore knees, muscle cramps, etc.



11. The Headless Chickenheadless player

Yep, we’ve all seen this one before. This type of player runs all over the field without much purpose and doesn’t really have a clue about where they should be and often end up doing a lot of unnecessary running. It’s tiring just watching them.

12. The Rock

This is the super tough player, who is physically or mentally stronger than anyone else. It’s difficult to get past them in a game because they always get something in the way, even if they wipe out the player. Often a defender, goalkeeper or post player who makes unbelievable tackles or saves on corners.


13. The Leader

This is probably the captain who inspires the team not only by what they say in the huddle but also by what they do on the field. The leader puts their body on the line for their team and no doubt plays with 100% heart, leaving nothing left in the tank.


You may even fall under more than one of the above hockey player types… so now’s it time to share your thoughts.

Which type of hockey player are you?

Let us know in the comments below and tag your friends with their number..

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