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10 Common Field Hockey Mistakes That Players Make (On The Pitch)

Common Field Hockey Mistakes I recently did an article on the 7 Mistakes Hockey Players Make Before They Start Playing which got a lot of attention and proved to be very popular, so I decided to follow it up with another article on the common mistakes that players make after they get onto the pitch. Let…

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Top 10 Field Hockey Skills To Master

I’m often asked which field hockey skills players should focus on but it often depends on a number of factors such as your current level, your position, your strengths, weaknesses, etc. However, I decided to come up with a list of the top 10 field hockey skills that I think are most useful for the majority of modern…

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How to do a field hockey tomahawk / reverse stick

Field Hockey Tomahawk Today I want to share one of the hockey skills that I teach in the Hockey Performance Academy Mentorship Program – The Tomahawk, also known as the reverse stick hit. The video demonstration’s are done by GB internationals & Olympic Bronze medalists, Sally Walton and Ashleigh Ball. Key points: 1. Get low to the…

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Perfect Practice Makes Perfect

“Practice does not make perfect. Only perfect practice makes perfect” – Vince Lombardi  Time and time again, throughout any aspect of our lives, our hard work is met with the common saying, “practice makes perfect”.  While there is indeed great value to be taken from this advice, there is some critical instruction missing… that that…

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