Prevent Overuse Injuries In Field Hockey With Foam Rolling

As a hockey player there’s a chance that you can get injured at any point.

It’s the risk most of us are willing to take because we love the sport so much.

But many injuries can be prevented if we manage our body better, especially when it comes to overuse injuries, which are so common in hockey.

One of the most common causes of many injuries are tight muscles, which increases our risk of getting injured.

So one of the easiest ways to prevent overuse injuries in field hockey is to keep your muscles loose, which will not just reduce your risk of injury but also help you to be more agile on the field too.

That’s why my favourite injury prevention strategy is foam rolling.

Here’s a demonstration of how to foam roll properly:



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About The Author

Lauren Penny

Lauren is a former International Hockey Player, Performance Coach & Mentor specialising in helping hockey players to be more confident, improve their fitness and perform more consistently to get noticed and reach higher teams.